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May 3, 2024

How was your heart?

How was your heart? Are you in love or heartbroken?

Falling in love is not easiest way to experience at all to those who doesn’t love him/her back at all. You are going to think is there something wrong with you or you are not a lovable person to be. But you don’t have to be afraid expressing your love to him/her even there are no response to him/her at all. The matter is you tell him/her that you love him/her. The relief you will feel is good because you told him/her already what you feel.

When you tell him/her in early it is better than you secretly in love to him/her. There will be no “I wish that it was me”. You will know the response to him/her and you can move on fast.

The heartache is going to fade in the long run and do not be afraid to fall in love again because it is good to have some inspiration.

Your love confession is success. You have to work hard for the relationship to workout. It takes two to tango that relationship will be going to be smoothly good. The first phase is honeymoon phase where you are going to experience the happiness that you’ve been together. The sweetness and love are here. The second phase is differences where you are going to know the differences of each other. The adjustment that you will do here. I think most of the women are fast when it comes to adjustment not the guy. The third phase is struggle where you are going to experience the hardship of the relationships like fighting and problems. That mostly relationship is ending here. The fourth phase is repair where you are going to talk about the issue of the relationship and try to resolve it. The last phase is enduring love whatever hardships will throw to you; you will be strong to fight for your loves one. It going to work out if both of you are going to fight at the same time.

Love is painful but will give you a happiness.

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