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December 10, 2021

FriendsterTalk 2006 – 2011 Archive


I got asked on more than one occasion, whether we can get our posts from the early days of FTalk. I always answered no. But that’s the short answer. The long (boring) answer:

I have the incomplete data/backup of the forum from before the FTalk reboot due to server/hardware damage. It was incomplete due to my failure of doing proper regular database backup, the last backup I did at that time missed some database tables and entries. For that reason, in 2012 FTalk had to start from 0 again.

The incomplete backup file has always been in my computer/laptop/hdd among my personal files, I never really looked into it. I should have known that a database that big, with more than 3 million entries, needs to be backed up with a proper backup tool instead of the regular web-based backup function.

Anyway, two days ago I opened the backup file. I’ve spent hours reconnecting the database tables and fixing the errors, trying to make it accessible somehow. The backup is mainly missing the topics and usernames, so there’s no topic titles and no member profiles. There’s no other forum data so all the topics/posts have to be put in one “archive” forum section, ordered by posted date from old to new. Sorry about the formatting, the bbcode kinda messed up with the new php version and I’m too dumb to fix it.

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