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January 29, 2022

How GameStop changed the course of my finance forever

Last year in January, I started researching and throwing money aggresively into GME, the world’s largest video game retailer that’s been transforming its business model into e-commerce and digital platform. It’s all sunshine and roses until the events of January 28, 2021.

New York Stock Exchange. First hand experience of the “buy” function being disabled and seeing massive full throttle sell-off of GME was the most fraudulent thing I ever could have imagined. What’s happening with the free market.

Soon after it became too obvious that most financial institutions, brokers, market makers, regulators, and the media are all on the big money side.

“What did you expect, you’re up against wealthier opponents, and this is their thing, right.” The David vs. Goliath response from most people infuriates me the most.

My mood and mental state has become dependent on the GME price swing.

I went full retard, from “I WANT TO MAKE PROFIT” to “I WANT TO MAKE THEM PAY”, a sentiment shared by hundreds of thousands of others on reddit’ wallstreetbets, 4chan’ /biz/, and many other degenerate forums.

The one thing I have always learned, is that the internet always wins. Will it be proven true in case of GME?

Buy, hold, DRS.

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