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November 26, 2022

My Sari Sari store story (Start Up)

When is the time that you realized that you want to do something from the usual? When is the time you feel boring or exhausted on your daily activities?

When is the time you become tired on your work because of daily routine even nakapikit is you know how to do it?

Well, because of that i decided to have business and this is…. it a Sari Sari store business…

I discussed it to my wife and explain to her why we should have a business other than our Work and it because my salary is not enough to support our unica hija…lumalaki na kc sya, actualy 1yr old na sya at lumalaking biba but not jolibee, lots of braincells (we believed) and growing pretty. In short we need extra income aside on our both jobs.

To proceed on the story, so aun nga hindi kami agad nakapag start kala ko nga drawing nlng at hindi makukulayan, from the time n nadiscussed ko kay wify my proposal we try to look for good business location, may nakita kami pero mukang expensive ang rent, then we found another for rent good location sya but that time siguro i feel n baka napipilitan lng si wifey s proposal ko so hindi ko muna kinontak for inquiries, then i feel urge tlga to have a business then when the time that we decided hindi n available ung place so parang back to searching kami. until one day we decided to walk around na chanannnnn we found right place for our business, we talk to the land lady about the “for rent” and a few day with the combine money of my wife and my “ipon challenge” kaya nakapag start kami nung October 15, 2022.


That is our Sari Sari store business start up.

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