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November 7, 2022

Polish music and why it is worth the listen

One of my favorite genres would have to be Polish music. Ever since being introduced to Polish pop culture two years ago, I have come to like Polish music as well.

The first song that made me a fan of Polish music is Szampan by Sanah which became a hit in Poland two years ago and even up to this day. In fact, this song is considered to be Sanah’s breakout single (despite the fact that she has been releasing songs before 2020).


Szampan was also the song that made me a fan of Sanah, and that brings us to the second Sanah song that I enjoy, Ale Jazz. Ale Jazz is another hit single from Sanah which she made in collaboration with Vito Bambino.

Apart from Sanah, I was also introduced to other Polish singers throughout my journey as a fan of Polish music. One of these singers is Viki Gabor, who also won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2019.

Another one of these singers is Rafał Brzozowski who is considered to be the Polish Michael Bublé…

…although he became famous all over Europe for his Eurovision Song Contest 2021 song, “The Ride”

And speaking of Polish singers who made it to the Eurovision, the most famous one as of 2022 would have to be Krystian Ochman who competed this year with his song, “River”. Ochman is known for his operatic vocals that he is able to blend into various genres, by the way.

While the most underrated one would have to be Magdalena Tul, who represented Poland in 2011 with her song, “Jestem”

Polish music is of course, more than Sanah and the Polish singers who have either gone to Eurovision and Junior Eurovision…there is also Marie who is famous for making dream pop songs…

…and Rara who recently debuted with a ballad called “Północ”

These are only a few examples of what the Polish music scene has to offer and why it’s worth to listen to is because most of these songs have a world-class quality despite the fact that it is being sung in a language other than English. Not to mention that these songs are also worth the listen because most people who get to debut as singers in Poland are actually talented vocalists and/or songwriters so what you get to hear is really authentic music (rather than being heavily autotuned or being badly written which is common in most music industries).

If you want to start somewhere in your Polish music journey, start with this playlist.

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