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  • Ormoc city old city hall
    Waa sa kling distance from agua dulce

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    • Renovated few years ago. My father worked there when I was little and retired 1965. as Secretary to the City Board in ormoc city

  • Ormoc coty plaza a walking distance from agua dulce

  • Agua Dulce it’s name for the sweet Water

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    • These was built before World War 2 by the Americans.
      One night there was an accident a jeep full of drinking men sand women lose the wheel and “ midasmag sa Artician wheel that’s why the wheel is a little bit “ jolig” one of that assengers died ion the spy.

  • When you this Artician wheel this means it’s Agus dulce. The landmark of agua dulce where it’s known for sweet water. Prole in the city or in the oitside the city would always get water for drinking purposes.

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    • Some poor eople who cannot at for installing water would used as their laundry washing ang bathing for kid and themselves.
      When we were young especially after typhone we used to bath with many children . Jolly time for the children

  • Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church of ormoc city
    A walking distance from agua dulce

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