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May 3, 2024

How was your heart?

How was your heart? Are you in love or heartbroken? Falling in love is not easiest way to experience at all to those who doesn’t love him/her back at all. You are going to think is there something wrong with…...
February 1, 2024

Phantoms Made Of Glass

It's always the ones who think they can handle it that never can. They ask, they beg, they exude a confidence that gets stripped away from them the moment they finally come to face it. They're the ones who would…...
January 28, 2024


I hated my brother. And sure, that sounds like motive right there. But I didn't kill him, I swear. Maybe I was jealous, fine. Hard pressed to get me to disagree with that. I suppose it began when he arrived.…...
January 26, 2024

Organized Slime

I want to state firmly, before this all ends, that I always believed I was doing the right thing. This began with my employment as an escrow agent. Early in my career it was obvious that I had a knack…...
January 10, 2024


Twenty four hours. That's all, I remind myself, and this will all be over. You chose this. A contest, that's all it is. A rather morbid one, but a contest nonetheless. You know when you're broke and you see a…...
January 6, 2024

Avoiding The Storm

It hasn't snowed yet this winter. Bare trees and dead patches of grass that are usually made more palatable by blankets and drifts of white loom outside the windows like corpses that were never buried. It makes it difficult to…...
October 24, 2023

Long Distance Runaround

I pulled off the road and into a deserted gas station, scanning the empty road ahead of me before making the decision. I'd been playing the radio loud, not really listening, but enjoying the distraction that it provided. I let…...
October 6, 2023

Johnny Bones

It began simply enough. That time of year arrived when the Halloween decorations were put out, and for the first time in ages I found myself paying them attention. I never decorated, in fact I never really celebrate any holidays,…...
October 3, 2023

Bird’s Eye

Instructions found in an envelope containing an unmarked DVD: Watch immediately. The images you will see are of a disturbing nature. Do your best to remain calm. "So… you've watched the video?" I inquired. "I have not." "Do you think…...
September 28, 2023

Wrong Turn

Tires squealed ahead of me, drawing my attention to the black sedan barreling toward me. I narrowly avoided the collision, meeting the damp pavement with my ribs first. I laid there, gasping, paralyzed- the metallic taste of blood on my…...
September 16, 2023

Trust, Love, and Respect.

People who tell the truth gain three things: trust, love, and respect. In a world often characterized by masks and pretenses, the value of honesty shines bright. People who tell the truth are often the ones who gain the most…...
September 1, 2023

(in)human form

I gaze at the wooden box, runes glinting in the moonlight beside his bed, waiting until I am sure he sleeps. I feel his breathing rise and then gently hitch, this is how I know that it is time. I…...
July 30, 2023


  Fable: DON’T ARGUE WITH DONKEYS   The donkey said to the tiger:   – “The grass is blue”.   The tiger replied:   – “No, the grass is green.”   The discussion heated up, and the two decided to…...
July 13, 2023

Bon Voyage

"So… tell me about the nightmares this week." The way she says it isn't quite a question or an order, her tone somewhere between a measured sympathy and forced professionalism. They must teach that in therapist school, that detached neutrality…...
June 22, 2023


I am always most content at this stage of the project. Gleaming white, spotless. I stand at the center of a perfectly empty room, a perfectly proportioned cube, two doors on opposing sides. I sigh deeply, soaking in the pure…...
May 29, 2023

Nothing Grows Here [Part 1}

"Nothing ever grows here." This was a sentiment my father expressed often, referring to a particular plot on the east side of our property, murmuring the words bitterly. No matter what crops he planted there, no matter the attention he…...
May 9, 2023

Waking Life

Waking life is the result of lingering dreams I pondered the meaning of the nonsensical banner above me, internally scoffing. Pretentious drivel, I figured. A decoration for the host of this ostensibly charitable event to display in their parlor to…...
April 14, 2023

For Jewelry, My Teeth

In lieu of jewelry, you may borrow my teeth. Sharp and simple stones, strung Along a ribbon of pink gums; warmed inside My mouth—that hearth which knows your shiver And your drowsy drunken sigh. Wear them as you would my…...
April 11, 2023

Breaking Character

"Yes, and…" ​ Not ​ "No, but…" ​ That's the first rule of improv: Keep the scene going. ​ The second rule of improv is you never question the third rule of improv. The third rule of improv is you…...
April 5, 2023

My start. Welcome home.

I just recently joined this app just to share my thoughts on the ARG welcome home.   If you couldn’t tell by my profile picture, I think its great LOL. I have some theories as well as things I noticed…...