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February 24, 2023

So Friendster is Back! What to do on friendster?

So friendster is back, now what do I do with my 2023 frienster account? Let’s go back in time and remember, I used to stalk girls on friendster and also stalk my friends female friends on friendster but 2023, the question is who is on friendster? Hmmmm Everybody I think does Instagram and Facebook, I still have my Twitter because of sir Elon Musk. We need to be updated to what is happening with AI and Space exploration. Going to what to do on friendster maybe share some photos from my website? Hmm, maybe an update on what is happening in my life.?

let’s do the update about my life.


Hey, I am Martin I take photos and do some web development for a living, supposed to be but really my main income comes from sources I will not tell, legal sources. Let me share some photos, here is a photo of us last Christmas.

Photo taken by Desmond Vlogz


let us travel back in time where friendster first closed. 2018 says Wikipedia due to lack of online community response.

What did I do 2018?? I guess I just stayed at home and fought evil forces from another dimension.

What did I do 2019??? I think I fought forces of evil in Counterstrike Global Offensive.

What did I do 2019??? I think I fought forces of evil in Counterstrike Global Offensive.
Basically 2019 was wasting time on Counterstrike Opening cases and planning a Stream setup for CSGO, sadly I felt lazy and didn’t push further in becoming a time-wasting gambler on twitch or something.

What did I do 2020? I prevented myself from getting covid 19 and did succeed, but 2021 I did catch it sadly.

So from 2018 – 2021
Life was a big boring blob of internet, wordpress and bullshit.

Here are photos for 2020 – 2022,, at random upload with captions.

Doing some photography using Nikon
Buying AGP Merch 2021
Doing some mobile photography 2021 late quarters.


and 2022 fixing things up for the future.

Welcome 2023


moving further as I write this blog post right at that middle point where you feel so lazy about posting anything online. When you realize ‘BOOM’………. Fireworks no longer excites people, I think.


2020 Testing my Nikon Gear and doing some photography

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