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December 4, 2021

Bringing Friendster back to life

Aren’t you missing the old days when our online community revolved around Friendster? The online world was a friendlier place back then. We were all having great times making friends and connections. Many of us have known each others for decades now, we all have evolved and gone through so many things.

We need a place where it’s all about ourselves and the things we like, and that place is what this website trying to be. We have limited time and resources but we are trying our best.

CSS profiles, social network features, forums, we got it all. But your presence is of utmost importance, because all of these would only be possible with you, and all the friends you care about.

Let’s keep the Friendster experiences and memories alive. Please join us.

Thanks for all of your support and for joining us in this journey 🚀

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